An introduction to the blues-rock fusion of Trapdoor

When five talented musicians come together through a mutual love of classic rock, add a dose of blues, toss in some gritty vocals and a hint of eccentricity, the end result is Gold Coast rock gem Trapdoor.

Music Insight caught up with the band at a recent gig to see why they’re filling venues all over the place.

For over a year Trapdoor has weaved its way through Gold Coast pubs, bars and nightspots, sharing their unique style of blues-rock while brandishing evil cackles, crazy eye rolls and a whole lotta energy.

But none of this was crafted overnight.

“We spent a year tightening up the screws,” frontman Tim Appleby said.

“We wanted to perfect our sound first before we started the gigging process.”

The boys (minus drummer, Baidon Howell) first met in third grade and were friends throughout their school years. After meeting Baidon, the group was complete.

“At first it was just an excuse to hang out, guitarist Talis Letts said.

“Then we realised this could actually turn into something serious, and we just went from there.”

From there, each member contributed his own individual old-school influences, ranging from Muddy Waters, The Doors and Neil Young to Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.

Through their eclectic sound the boys have created a collection of dark and quirky songs Tim Burton would be proud to call his own. Hobo Toad, Ghouls, Witches and Black Swamp are just a handful of numbers from their repertoire.

According to Appleby, guitarist Daniel ‘Paps’ Papantoniou comes up with most of the song ideas.

“I normally give them a subject like ‘toad’ and we’ll sing about it,” added Paps.

“We’re not going for anything generic,” said bassist Rhys Barnes.

“We’re never going to write a romantic love song.”

While they may not be serenading the ladies any time soon, the group has made quite an impression along the coast – maxing out crowd space at shows, scoring gig opportunities without much effort, and even making the semi-finals in last year’s Battle of the Bands on the Sunshine Coast.

And that’s only the prologue.

Right now the boys are working on their debut EP and are hoping to branch out around Australia.

“It would also be great to do an East Coast tour, to get a van and just head off playing as many shows as we can.”

The future looks bright, and Trapdoor is open to it.

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