PRESS PHOTO – The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – While We’re At It

A Quick Chat with Dicky Barrett of The Mighty Mighty BossTones

The Mighty Mighty BossTones formed in the mid 80’s and their popularity grew throughout an extensive career up until 2011. Known as the hardest working band in the 90’s, they delivered party starting anthems, infusing classic ska with old school punk rock.

Their extensive touring schedule finally wore them out, though, and the band took time off to recoup and reassess their direction. With nine studio albums under their belt, the band was spent and needed a break.

No one would have thought it would be almost eight years until they released their next studio album titled, While We’re At It.

Frontman Dicky Barrett is a man of few words, but when quizzed about the recording hiatus, he got straight to it.

“We’ve all been writing it [the new album] since we released the last one, and spiritually, as well as mentally, I feel like I’ve been working on it my whole life.”

So why now? Why after all these years? “Because we say so and why not? What better reasons? If you were us and you could, wouldn’t you?”

While the band was on a break from recording, they still had an active playing schedule. “We do a bunch of shows every year. Our love and passion for music, especially the mighty mighty music we make, is always within us and never needs to be reignited.

“We are always, at all times, the BossTones. That is who we are to our cores. Even when you think we are not together, believe me, we are very much together.”

The BossTones latest release is a huge, 14-track album, which dropped in mid-June. “This release is the one we think is the perfect release for right now, and the others were perfect for their respective places in BossTones history.”

TMMBT are who they are, and that’s what makes them different. It’s what makes them special.

Check out ‘Wonderful Day For The Race’, taken from While We’re At It.

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