Peter Mundy – The Bennies @ The Gov Adelaide_5548

MI’s Best Live Shots of 2017

Despite oppressive lockout laws and dismaying festival cancellations, live music in Australia ain’t anywhere near dead.

2017 saw the industry bloom with an eclectic range of artists bangin’ out sets around the country, from alternative icons to veterans of decades past, underground visionaries and perennial Aussie stalwarts. This country is blessed with a thriving live music scene, made possible by the million-strong army of punters who buy the tickets and fill the arenas.

Likewise, Music Insight has been blessed with an incredibly talented team of photographers who, week after week, get bumped around and sweated on in photography pits around the country to bring us the luminary images you see below.

Today, we celebrate their passion with Music Insight’s Best Live Shots of 2017.

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