Any one who knows anything about rims knows that Japanese Domestic Market wheels, or JDM wheels for short, are the real deal. These wheels are designed to last forever, and thanks to the the Japanese government’s safety paranoia, they’re designed to be extra safe. Dream stuff! Despite their awesomeness, these bad boys can be a bit hard to find in the Australian market – because they were originally designed for Japanese citizens. We’ve done our due diligence, and here are the best to buy JDM wheel in Australia.


If you expect a company with “tyres” in its name to having JDM wheels – you might be wrong in some cases, but absolutely right in this case. Ozzytyres specializes solely in tyres, and they’ve been doing so for more than 25 years. They specialize in 4*4, and have 4 Ozzytyre branches throughout Australia (VIC, ACT, NSW, QLD) which are staffed with people who know their stuff. Even if you already have JDMs and need them checked, they’re your guys.


Specialize in JDM parts – so mechanical parts, wheels, rims what have you. They began operating in 2002, so almost 2 decades strong. In 2006, JDMconcepts became an official distributor of Japanese Work Wheels – meaning they got their supply directly from the company, with no middleman. This is good because there are no unnecessary price hikes, and you’re 100% sure of the quality you’re getting. Plus, if you ever have problems with your jdm wheels, you know the manufacturer will learn about it.


Are crazy about all things rims. Including JDM wheels. Despite being a local Australian company, Autocraze prides itself on its network of 300 fitting partners located worldwide. This is means they can find whatever you’re looking for – no matter how old, outdated or exclusive. Plus, free local shipping and aftermarket fittings and balance.…