Insight (noun):
The capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something.

Music Insight is an independent music publication with a different take. We live for music and we’re dedicated to bringing you intelligent discussion of Australia’s music culture.

Thanks to social media, we’re constantly inundated with bite-sized chunks of information that really only scratch the surface of the stories you want to hear. Music Insight cuts through the noise to bring you the how and the why – not just where and when.


Anni Fordham

News Coordinator

Nicholas Wasiliev

Deputy Editor

Daniel Kizana


Anna Harvey
Nizza Munoz
Karen Lowe
Isadora Vadasz
Joe Wilson
Nicholas Wasiliev
Daniel Bavcevic
Kiera McDiarmid
Laura Murphy
Jai Price
Scot James
Laurent Shervington


Robbie Atkin
Elle Borgward
Michelle Cop
Bethany Douglas
Jess Drews
Linda Dunjey
Chris Dynia
Lucinda Goodwin
Sara Hannagan
Christine Kavalieros
Karen Lowe
Anna Madden
Peter Mundy
Liam Thomson
Lelian Zora

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